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Яндекс карты статусы

The more information you provide, the higher status you obtain in our service. This means more options become available to you. You can easily check your status: just click your balance to view information about your balance including your current status.







This status is automatically assigned to each user who opens a Wallet. Until you provide us with some personal data, we are obligated by law to impose a whole series of restrictions on your operations.

Main conditions:
  • you can only pay at Russian stores;

  • your maximum payment amount is 15,000 rubles;

  • you can't send transfers to other users, bank cards, or bank accounts;

  • you cannot receive transfers.

Restrictions on transaction types have been in effect since 16 May 2014, when amendments were added to Laws No115-FZ and No161-FZ.



Only Russian citizens can legally receive this status.

Reviewed users can:
  • pay at any stores worldwide;

  • transfer funds between accounts and from their accounts to bank cards;

  • spend up to 60,000 rubles at a time (some operations are subject to other limits);

  • keep up to 60,000 on their accounts—however, if the balance runs up against its limit, transfers from other Wallets and bank cards won't come through.

To get this status, you need to enter your full name, the entity that issued your passport, the date it was issued, your phone number, and either your INN or SNILS.



We recommend that all users complete the identification process. The identified status means:
  • you have fewer restrictions on how much you can spend, transfer, and add to your account;

  • users who send you money see this status and have another reason to trust you;

  • you can collect donations using any convenient method;

  • you can keep up to 500,000 rubles on your account.

You can also pay at any shop worldwide and send or receive transfers as reviewed users do.

To become an identified user, you need to give us your personal information.



You need this status if you sell goods or services as a private person (non-legal entity). Special rules apply to ‘Professionals’: they can deal with their clients' claims on their own—straight from our website.

You have the same limits and payment options as identified users do. You can accept money using your Wallet number by any method.

Источник: http://money.yandex.ru/doc.xml?id=526544

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